Friday, July 6, 2012


I turned 5 recently, not that anyone noticed. Mom was busy with the PTA campaign. We've all been avoiding that subject altogether ever since then. In case you didn't hear, things did not turn out as mom so confidently planned. It is not easy to see mom lose. I have turned to poetry writing in this very difficult time.


Staring through the fleshy window
but looking at nothing
because there is nothing
where there was something

It's shrinking; both of them
dying in the light that grows
Irritated by the brightness
the brightness it won't let in

Shutting, shutting, shutting,
Shutting automatically to protect
To protect from something
so contrasted from what's internal

Shutting. Not to hold in.
But shutting to keep out.
There is nothing worth holding in
Yet a fear that something is worse than nothing

Turning, moving, leaving, walking
Keeping away from the brightness
Left wandering to prevent
Left wandering to protect and prevent

Protect from what causes chills.
Protect from what causes chills.


  1. Are you doing alright Fortify? I only ask because you haven't posted anything in a long time! I am sure you are very busy helping your capable(and terrifying) mother out with her new PTA responsibilities, but I want to encourage you to keep up your blog as a good creative outlet! Having a blog with a devoted readership is great for a smart young ladies self esteem! I cannot claim to be as genius as you, but when I did my freshman year at Harvard when I was ten, I found that the best way to get away from all the pressure was to explore my creative abilities. That was two years ago already, and I am happy to say that I am a much happier graduate student than I was Undergrad.

    So Fortify, keep your chin up, and never forget that we who read your blog are inspired by you!

  2. Hey Forts, we need an update on your awesome life, please!!!

  3. Has any one noticed that the web address says "Fortify Scorner" if you don't know what the real title of this blog is...

  4. I'm so so sorry I missed your birthday!!! Well, happy late birthday, sweetheart! There's always next year!!

  5. Fortify, you are now 8. How do you feel?